The story

The short, but intense story of NAKKEKNAEKKER

The danish name NAKKEKNAEKKER directly translates to ‘neckbreaker’, and is a perfect description of what to expect. Since forming in 2020, danish death metal band NAKKEKNAEKKER has quickly grabbed the attention of the metal community with their ferocious death metal and explosive live shows.
NAKKEKNAEKKER’s sound is rooted in the old-school (Entombed, Morbid Angel, Bloodbath) but also incorporates modern elements. In the last year the band has toured Denmark with BAEST and HateSphere, and has performed at several European festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Sweden Rock and Tuska Open Air.


Christoffer Bach Kofoed - Vocals
Anton “Hajn” Bregendorf - Drums
Sebastian Rohden Knoblauch - Bass
Johan Lundvig - Guitar
Joakim Høholt Kaspersen - Guitar